Sell Multiple Course Copies at once!

Bulk Purchase

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase

This extension allows users to buy multiple copies of a course during a single purchase and enroll multiple users to it.


Current Version 2.2.0

Plugin Documentation


WordPress Version 4.4.2 up to 5.4.1

Edwiser Bridge Version 1.4.4

WooCommerce Version 2.6.1 up to 4.0.1

Moodle Version 3.0.3 up to 3.8.2

PHP version 5.6 up to 7.3

*WooCommerce Integration extension is a prerequisite


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*All licenses have a Yearly Renewal except the Lifetime License.

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Bulk Course Purchase

Purchasing the same course multiple times could be a tiresome task. With Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase, a user can purchase multiple copies of the same course or multiple courses together and enroll students to it.

Easy Enrollment of Multiple Students

Enrolling multiple students of your class to a purchased course on their behalf, has never been this easy. Multiple such courses can be purchased and can be added to a Group which makes the overall Student Management an easy task.

Process Easy Refunds

Once you have enrolled the users in a course, it goes through a Payment Gateway where the purchase gets completed. Along with this, Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase has introduced a one-of-a-kind Refund functionality which lets you Refund the number of seats purchased easily. You can choose from the Partial Refund and Full Refund options.

Easy Notifications

Once you have enrolled the users and have purchased the course, Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase sends a notification to the users about the purchase of a Bulk Product, whether a user is being enrolled or unenrolled from a Group and also for the Refunds made by you. These e-mail notifications can be used effortlessly and are Fully Customizable.

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase Plugin will be Perfect solution for your Training website!


Buy Multiple Course Copies

Admin or Teachers can now buy multiple copies of a single course for your entire class of students in a single purchase

Enroll Others to a Course

The Group Manager can now enroll himself to the purchased course along with your friends, colleagues or students

Easy Enrollment

Your students details could be added easily on the ‘Enroll Students’ page for easy enrollment!

WooCommerce Compatible

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase is fully compatible with one of the best e-commerce platform – WooCommerce.

Bulk Enroll Using CSV File

Enroll multiple students or users at once for a course using the CSV file upload option

Translation Ready

With the inclusion of necessary language files, the plugin can be translated into any language.

Easy to add more Seats

Regardless of the number of products associate with the Group, Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase offers easy addition of seats in that Group.

Ready Email Templates

Ready-to-use email templates are available that can be used to notify users. These email templates are fully customizable and easy to use.

Easy addition of new Products

Forgot to add Products to a Group? No worries! You can add the Products to the Group directly from the ‘Enroll Student Page’

Ready to Get Started?

Note: This is an extension to Edwiser Bridge (WordPress Moodle Integration) which is available for free in Edwiser Bridge and the WooCommerce Integration extension have to be activated on your site for this extension to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am Interested in the Bulk Purchase Extension

Yes, the WooCommerce Integration extension will be needed for the Bulk Purchase extension to work.

Yes, you can access documentation for this plugin here.

The Bulk Purchase extension works with Moodle version 2.9 and above.

The Bulk Purchase extension works with the latest version of Edwiser Bridge. (i.e. Version 1.0.2)

Yes. You can take a look at our setup plans here.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to know more about our refund policy.

Yes, student 1 will automatically be enrolled in Course2 when you purchase it and add it to the group Course1. All students enrolled in the group will be enrolled in the newly purchased course.

Yes, since the student initially purchased the course himself, he will just be unenrolled from the group but will not be unenrolled from the course.

The default quantity is the number of seats you have in the group to which you are trying to add the new Product to. If you have purchased 5 seats in Course1, which has now become Group Course1, and you are adding Course2 to Group Course1 then you will need to purchase 5 seats in Course2 as well as all your students in Group Course1 need to be enrolled in Course2 as well.

I have some license related questions

Every license you purchase is valid for one year, during which you will receive free support and updates. After the license expires you will still be able to use the plugin, but will not receive support or updates. To continue receiving support and updates, you will have to renew the license at a discounted rate, which is 50% of the extension price.

The license for the Bulk Purchase extension is valid only for a single website.

You could now buy more than one license.

Each license can be used only on a single website. If you are already using the license on your staging site and want to now use it on your live site, go to Edwiser Bridge → Settings → Licenses and deactivate the plugin from your staging site. Now use the same license key on your live site.

Sometimes the license key does not get activated because the ” curl_exec ” PHP file is not enabled in your WordPress. Once you have enabled this file your license key will be activated.

You can enrol yourself just as you would any other user. Click on the Enrol Students link which you get in the email sent to you and enter your own details to enrol yourself. A counter will display the number of seats available.

I am Using the Bulk Purchase Extension

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