Now with the latest version of Edwiser Bridge (Version 1.1.2) you can sell your Moodle courses to 4 more countries through PayPal:

  • Australian Dollar
  • Polish Zloty
  • Danish Krone
  • Singapore Dollar

So now sell more and earn more through Edwiser Bridge!

Import Courses as Drafts to WordPress

Edwiser Bridge is a WordPress Moodle integration plugin that allows you to import Moodle courses to WordPress by selecting ‘Synchronize Courses as Drafts’ following which courses in Moodle will be imported to WordPress.

Sell Moodle Courses from WordPress

The WordPress Moodle integration can be employed to sell Moodle courses from WordPress by importing course data from Moodle and using PayPal as a means to fulfill the payment transaction.

Automatic Registration on the Moodle LMS

Users that register on WordPress to take or purchase a course get automatically registered on the Moodle learning management system with Edwiser Bridge.

Identical Login Credentials for Registered User

The WordPress Moodle Integration provides end users with an option to login to both websites with the same credentials. Also, when the password is reset on WordPress it is updated on Moodle too.

Enable/ Disable Registration to Courses

If you want to allow or disallow registration to all Moodle courses from your WordPress website then the Enable/ Disable feature provided by Edwiser Bridge is what you are looking for.

Create Course Categories in WordPress

Course categories can be created on the WordPress website. These categories can then be assigned to courses imported from Moodle using the WordPress Moodle Integration plugin.

Synchronize Course Categories to WordPress

The course categories created on the Moodle website can be synchronized to the WordPress website using the Edwiser Bridge setting page.

Synchronize Enrolled Courses Data for Users

Keep both WordPress and Moodle updated with enrolled user data for courses by synchronizing enrolled course data for users.

View Purchased Course Data in WordPress

Consolidated details of courses purchased by all users can be viewed in the ‘Orders’ section at the back end of the WordPress website.

Set Language Code as on the Moodle Site

Want to display the Moodle site to registered users in a specific language by default? Set that from WordPress using the WordPress Moodle Integration solution.

Update Previously Synchronized Courses

The WordPress Moodle integration also has a setting to update previously synchronized courses and display revised content on the WordPress website.

Enroll / Unenroll Students from WordPress

With Edwiser Bridge, you can enroll and unenroll students from WordPress and reflect the changes in Moodle too.

Link and Unlink Registered Users

Edwiser Bridge also allows you to manually link and unlink users present in the WordPress database with those on the Moodle website.

Hooks and Filters for Customization

A host of hooks and filters have been included in the plugin which make the process of extending the WordPress Moodle Integration simple and developer friendly.

Ready for Translation to any Language

Need to display the WordPress Moodle Integration in a language of your choice? Include the necessary translation files to the plugin and you are good to go!