I am Interested in the Edwiser Bridge plugin


Edwiser Bridge plugin supports Moodle version 2.9.x and above.

Edwiser Bridge supports the latest version of WordPress which is version 4.4.

Yes, the plugin has been integrated with WooCommerce. Take a look at the WooCommerce Integration Extension for Edwiser Bridge for more details.

No, the single sign-on feature is not presently with the Edwiser Bridge plugin which means two separate sign-ins are required for both the website. The plugin, however, provides the option to assign the same password to a user’s account on Moodle as well as WordPress.

No, not required. Both the systems can be installed on the same server or different servers.

When courses are imported from Moodle the course title along with the description is imported from Moodle.

No, this is not possible using Edwiser Bridge.

No, there is no such requirement.

Currently, the plugin does not work with any other payment gateway other than PayPal. You have the following two choices if you want to use a payment gateway of your choice.
1. You can use the WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge which will give you access to multiple payment gateways from the WooCommerce front.
2. We can integrate for you a payment gateway of your choice. Get in touch with us if a custom solution is something you would be interested in.

The Edwiser Bridge plugin is a connector for your WordPress and Moodle website.You can use it if you want to maintain your LMS on Moodle while migrate accessory functions such as course purchase and marketing on WordPress. It will however not help in migrating Moodle courses to a WordPress LMS.

Please check the “Moodle Site URL” and the “Moodle site language” in the WordPress DashBoard > Edwiser Bridge > Settings.

They need to be properly set only then will the courses get synced from Moodle to WordPress.

The Logs can be accessed from the folders WordPress -> wp-content -> uploads -> eb-logs

Edwiser Bridge and all its extensions works well with PHP version 5.6 and above.

I am using Edwiser Bridge


The Moodle access token will have to be generated on the Moodle website. You can take a look at the step by step documentation process here.

 Yes. If you update the password in WordPress it gets updated in Moodle. However, the opposite does not hold true.

If the user purchasing a course already exists on Moodle then the two accounts will be linked and a new user will not be created on Moodle. However, the password for both the systems will not be the same in this case. If the user wants the same password for both the systems he will have to update the password from WordPress and it will be reflected in Moodle too.

The only scenario in which the same password will be created for both the systems will be when the user does not exist on either system. In all other cases, the password will have to be updated by the user from WordPress to sync it.

Below are three reasons due to which courses and users are not synchronized from Moodle to WordPress.

1. The Edwiser Bridge plugin has been designed to work with Moodle version 2.9.x and higher. The courses will not be synchronized if you are using a lower version. If you decide to upgrade Moodle to the latest version please make sure to go through the Moodle configurations again and add all required functions.
2. Check if WordPress has been updated to the latest version.
3. Check if you have added the correct Moodle URL in the ‘Connection Settings‘ tab under the Edwiser Bridge Settings menu. Also, test the connection after you have added the Moodle URL and access token.

Get in touch with our Edwisers if you are still not able to resolve the issue after taking care of the points above.

No. On deleting a course from Moodle no changes are made to the WordPress course. If you want to delete the course from WordPress too you will have to synchronize the courses again using the settings provided at the plugin back end.

If a course is updated in Moodle the changes will not reflect on the WordPress website. The courses will have to be synchronized again using the settings option provided by Edwiser Bridge to reflect the Moodle changes on WordPress too.

On updating course details in WordPress, all the changes will be lost if the imported course is updated at any later point in time.

No. There isn’t any option to add new courses from the WordPress end. Only courses that have been imported from Moodle will be displayed in the ‘Courses’ section.

No, they don’t.

No. The ‘Orders‘ page provided in the back end will only display the paid transactions on the website. User enrollment information for free courses cannot be seen here.

The ‘User PayPal Sandbox’ option is available for making dummy purchases. The option should be unchecked when the website is made live.

No data is never exported from WordPress to Moodle. On synchronization all data transfer is from Moodle to WordPress.

No, they don’t. Only new courses get added when you check the ‘Synchronize Courses as Drafts‘ option. To update previously synchronized courses the ‘Update courses synchronized previously‘ field must be checked.

No, the passwords do not get synced.

All theme templates might not be compatible with Edwiser Bridge. If you want to alter the way the single course page or course archive page is displayed here’s what you will have to do.

A reason for this could be the product that the students have purchased is not linked to the actual course. Make sure you mark the course as ‘Closed’ and set the ‘Optional URL‘ as the associated product URL. For more details on this, you can refer to the ‘Course Selling Options’ section in the plugin’s documentation.

If you plan on selling the course as a product, you need to mark the course as ‘Closed’ and set the ‘Optional URL‘ as the associated product link. For more details on this, you can refer to the ‘Course Selling Options’ section in the plugin’s documentation.

Yes. We provide a priority setup plan for Edwiser Bridge and setup assistance for its extensions as well. You can take a look at our various plans and offerings here.

Check if the “Moodle URL” and the “Moodle Language Code” in Edwiser Bridge > Settings are set properly or not.