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What to look forward to in Moodle 3.5

While the whole of seven continents is looking at making their websites and policies compliant with GDPR, Moodle is already done with it. There is no doubt that Moodle has a huge user-base in Europe and thus, has followed up with the guidelines to the hilt.

GDPR compliance, Moodle Mobile app, improved UX- there’s a lot you will see in the new Moodle v3.5.

The wait ends on 14th May, 2018.

Have a look-

  1. General Data Protection Regulation in Moodle

    »   Moodle has implemented changes that will assist the organisations using Moodle, to become EU compliant.
    »   Users will be informed during Sign-up about what and how their data will be treated.
    »   Additional means will be provided for users to obtain a copy of their data.
    »   Users will have a ‘right to erasure’ and tracking of the data, too.

  2. Flexible Question Banks

    Moodle 3.5 plans to ease question bank management for users. Here’s how it works-

    »   Add a flexible layer of question management in the question bank.
    »   The flexible layer will be made by creating a metadata layer for questions
    »   Now this metadata layer will be manageable for instructors at the course level
    »   These labels would be usable with a ‘random question from set’ question type.

  3. Balm to Moodle’s Achilles Heel: Usability

    »   It is well known that Moodle’s biggest ‘but’ is its UX, but it has come a long way from that.
    »   Moodle has taken small, but important measures to improve its usability with every update
    »   The updates are based on background research, stakeholder analysis and design work, focusing primarily on the dashboard.
    »   Their main aim is introducing Bootstrap v4 in Moodle 3.5.

  4. Messaging Database becomes sturdier

    »   The messaging in Moodle is soon getting a boost in functionality
    »   It involves some basic changes to the messaging database tables and events
    »   They’re also trying to include LTI Advantage extensions in the messaging module.

    Note: If you’re using a different plugin for messaging, you may need to update the code

  5. Moodle Mobile app gets a Swanky Touch

    »   The Moodle mobile app is going to have a completely transformed look and feel with this version
    »   To add a modern User Experience, performance and design tweaks, the app developers used new frameworks and tools
    »   In order to accommodate these improvements, the Moodle app is only compatible with the latest OS, ie, Android 4.4 and iOS 8 and onwards.

Can we expect GDPR compliance from Edwiser?

Yes! Here at Edwiser, work has begun already and you can expect a notification in the matter of a few weeks.

Word will be out in a short time.


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