Time is Money – Grading in Moodle™ Costs You Both

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Surprised? Shocked? Intrigued? Or just plain curious?

As much as I don’t want to say it openly, but I don’t have an option.

After all, A lie can hide the truth, but can’t change the truth. 😉

But not to worry.

In this article, I won’t just be talking about the problem but also looking at a possible solution to it.

So let’s get started with stating the bitter truth, shall we?

Grading in Moodle™ Costs a Fortune

Okayyy, I know. I just exaggerated it. Maybe not a fortune, but yeah it does cost you a lot.

And I don’t blame you for thinking otherwise. After all, what possible harm could grading cause you? It’s just evaluating student performance, right? Wrong!

Traditional ways of grading in Moodle lag behind in the following ways…

1) Poor User Interface Takes Up Too Much Time

The grading interface in Moodle isn’t the best for teachers evaluating quizzes on Moodle. The layout in which teachers have to grade quizzes in Moodle is far from simplistic. A lot of time is wasted in trying to understand the layout, and how grading happens in Moodle.

A better solution could be to have an interface that could provide you all the information but with lesser complexity. If the interface is made intuitive enough like shown below, teachers would be able to grade faster and better.

User Based Grading Moodle Edwiser RapidGrader

2) Overload of Tabs While Grading

Grading in Moodle isn’t a smoothly flowing process. Grading every new question requires a new tab for that question. Moreover, grading even a simple quiz requires a number of clicks, which hampers a smooth grading flow.

For a smooth grading process, a single interface with minimalistic options would help the teachers to speed up their grading process.

3) Teachers Spend Long Hours Grading

Because of a lack of intuitive layout, and poor user-interface, teachers often have to invest a lot of time into grading. As a result, teachers are unable to invest time in important activities like reviewing their course content, engaging with their students, marketing their courses, and so on. Further, this also makes them miss out on time they could have utilized for their family, or for their personal lives.  

With a smart interface, they could invest the saved time into other course-related activities and even dedicate time for their personal life.

4) Teachers Feel Stressed Out

With all of the above factors coming together, the teacher starts feeling stressed out. Too much time gets wasted in grading, and as a result, their work-life balance takes a hit. What’s worse is that the overall efficiency and self-motivation of a teacher also take a dip.

As you can very well see, all of these factors end up taking a toll on the teacher and affects their performance. It’s interesting to observe how all these points bring forth two major aspects of concern.

Grading in Moodle Costs Too Much Time!

Yes, you read that right.

The traditional way of grading in Moodle is a tedious process.

Further, the traditional method of grading requires the teachers to put in a lot of time to first understand how grading works. Only once they have got a knack of the method, they can go on and grade quizzes in Moodle.

What follows is the countless number of hours a teacher has to dedicate to grade the performance of their students. How many hours, you may ask.

So, Let’s Talk Numbers

Before coming up with any solution, or working towards a solution, it is important to understand how much is at stake.

This can be best understood by calculating the number of hours that go into grading, and how much does this cost you. However, since these numbers can vary depending on different factors, I’d suggest you do your calculations too, along with me, for a better understanding.

Let’s consider there’s a batch of 50 students per teacher.

On average, a teacher spends 3 hours grading a single quiz on Moodle. Again, this figure could be slightly more or less, in different scenarios. In an ideal e-Learning setup, a teacher grades three quizzes every month. Now, a teacher might have 4 such batches, to grade their performance.

Edwiser RapidGrader - Time and Cost Analysis Default Moodle Grading

Never thought of it before, did you? The above calculation only shows you how much time you or any teacher could be putting into grading, time that you could invest into other things like marketing your courses, interacting with your students for feedback, and so on.

Now that I’ve shared with you the time aspect of grading in Moodle, let’s talk about how…

Grading in Moodle Costs A Lot of Money!

“Okay, Grading costing me time makes sense to me now, somewhat. But how does it cost me money?”

Let’s consider the same example that we used above.

That, of teachers spending as much as 36 hours grading quizzes on Moodle. Now a possible solution could be to hire personnel dedicated to grading. By doing so, the work schedule and calendar of your teachers wouldn’t get affected, but at the same time, you’ll be able to grade the performance of your students.

Now your next question could be…

“So what’s wrong in hiring teachers to do the grading?”

Trust me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong, as long as you have enough to spend. And with the costs of hiring teachers at an average of $50/hour and rising, you might just end up spending a lot of extra money, which you could have saved otherwise.

For the 36 hours of grading quizzes by this dedicated teacher, you’ll have to shell out as much as $1800!!

Now that’s a HUGE amount, isn’t it? We decided to cross-check how correct our evaluation was.

After discussing this with many Moodle teachers, we only realized how common this problem is, for teachers in Moodle.

More often than not, teachers had the opinion that they had to invest extra time and effort into grading in Moodle. What this also meant was that these teachers didn’t get enough time for other important course-related activities, or even worse they pointed out how their work-life balance was getting affected by this.

Considering how important it was to tackle this issue, we wondered – wouldn’t it be amazing if you could…

Save Time & Money in Grading on Moodle

And to grade your students, without taking out extra time from your schedule?  

We at Edwiser decided to work on such a solution, and I’m happy to share with you that now it’s possible. The All-New Edwiser RapidGrader – A Revolution in Grading on Moodle.

Edwiser RapidGrader completely transforms the way you grade in Moodle, with its clean and user-friendly grading interface not just saving time, but also saving you money.

With such an awesome solution now around, why not try it for yourself, and see! Take a free demo of Edwiser RapidGrader today!

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