How to Schedule Moodle Course Purchases in WooCommerce

How to Schedule Moodle Course Purchases in WooCommerce
April 18, 2016 Rajiv Sathian
In WordPress Solutions

A number of Edwiser Bridge users have asked me whether there is an option to make a course available for purchase only for a short duration, i.e., they want students to be able to purchase a course only during a set time period.

Based on the inquiries, I thought a great way to address this would be to write about it! 🙂

In this blog post, I’ll be talking about this very requirement and explaining a way for you to achieve this functionality.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are many advantages to selling your Moodle courses with WooCommerce. And one of the reasons is the number of readily available extensions that can be used to add any needed functionality.

For example, it makes perfect sense for you – A Moodlepreneur – to expect a ready solution to add shipping gateways, create product bundles, and so on.

So I’m sure the thought that “there might be a plugin available to schedule your courses for sale in WooCommerce” might have crossed your mind.

And well, to your good luck, WooCommerce does not disappoint! 😀

There is a plugin that’s available that allows you to add a specific date and time to make courses available for purchase!!

And, the product that seamlessly adds this functionality is the ‘WooCommerce Scheduler‘ plugin by WisdmLabs.

With WooCommerce Scheduler, you can set a date and time for an individual product or all products associated to the category.

The simplest way to set this up is as follows,


Check the plugin’s user guide to know more.

Once the settings are added, the plugin should handle the rest. Works like a charm doesn’t it?


So what are you waiting for??! Grab a copy of the WooCommerce Scheduler plugin and have a happy time selling your Moodle courses any time and any day you wish!

Note: You need to have Edwiser Bridge-WooCommerce Integration extension in order to utilize WooCommerce Scheduler.

Looking for a different feature for your store? Feel free to mention the same in the comments section.

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