How RemUI played an Important Role in Educating Young Kids in America

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The story of one Dave Francis from South America who fell in love with how RemUI fit in his plans like a missing puzzle piece.

Dave Francis from the Port of Spain is a Consultant at Strategic Lands. In the middle of June last year, he approached us with certain customizations that he needed in his copy of Edwiser RemUI.

His Purpose?

His purpose was inspired by the idea of digital education being available for every child who wishes to be educated. His desire was to create an interactive study platform which could be integrated for free with the schools in his country, Trinidad and Tobago.

To back his noble intention, the team at Edwiser set to work immediately.

Francis had crystal clear ideas on how exactly he wanted his Moodle™ LMS to look like, therefore it gave us a perfect standpoint and a definitive perspective to start with.

Given here is a gist of all the tweaks we gave to our malleable theme, Edwiser RemUI.

We redesigned the Dashboard


  • This custom-made dashboard now displays basic details about the courses that a student is enrolled in as a user.
  • It displays the name of the Course Incharge and shows a thumbnail sized picture beside the course name.
  • It also depicts in the form of percentage as well as a bar, how much they have completed a particular course.


We recreated the Navigation menu


  • The navigation menu certainly got a complete makeover with options carefully curated by our client himself.
  • Now, this sidebar has direct links to pages that a user may need to access to, while working on the LMS.
  • It allows you to do more than one task at once by letting you switch between pages swiftly, at any point of time.
  • Moreover, if you are an admin you can choose to see either the student sidebar or the admin sidebar.


We renovated the Course Homepage


  • According to our client’s specification, we added four blocks on the Course Homepage which give an overview of the course and tell the student precisely what the course is about.
  • Below these blocks is a ‘Take Test’ tab, which lets the student take a course examination to evaluate their understanding of the subject, as and when they find it convenient.


We redecorated RemUI!


  • As a final touch, we were asked to change the colour scheme of the dashboard and we were more than glad to take out our rusting paint brushes and unleash the artistic side.
  • RemUI, with its brilliant coding, blended seamlessly with all the colour customisation.


What We Took from Dave in the Due Course


Every client of ours is unique, but Dave actually taught us something.

His story stands as an inspiration to us because he was unafraid to start a school at the prime of his career. He made the best use of the existing technology, added 2 and 2 to follow his lifelong passion of educating children.

Hats off to you, Dave!


What Can You take from Dave’s Story?

We love Customisations!

We believe in doing it your way, all the way. Therefore, when you approach us with a special need, we put our best foot forward (read best team) to deliver on your expectations.

We treat customizations like tailored clothes- we will listen to your requirement, take appropriate measures, allot a dedicated bunch of people to do the little tweaks and come up with a polished product that suits you to a tee.

RemUI users are always welcome with personalised ideas for the theme.. and if we really like it, we might just incorporate it in the next update of RemUI!

Have a Customisation Idea for your Copy of RemUI?

Contact us at [email protected], or drop in a comment in the comment section below. 😉

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