Edwiser RemUI Now With 6 Course Formats – All You Need To Know!

As you know, Edwiser RemUI’s recent update (v 3.5.1 & v 3.4.3) is live and we have added a groundbreaking feature in Moodle. We hope you are enjoying it.

In our previous article, we talked about how the Drag and Drop feature makes Dashboard Customization a cakewalk for you!

When Edwiser began its voyage with Edwiser RemUI, we hadn’t imagined it’ll end up being one of the most loved themes in the Moodle Ecosystem, in such a short span of time. It surely has been our privilege.

Customer feedback is very crucial for any venture to flourish. Therefore, throughout this journey, Edwiser has been in constant contact with you all, open to your feedback and suggestions!

What’s cooking, Edwiser?

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This open connect with you, helped Edwiser understand, how you would be even happier with your Edwiser RemUI experience, with more course formats in your bag.

Our team at Edwiser looked into this, and worked on your feedback! As a result, Edwiser has now come out with an update. This update offers you the scope of not just enjoying a smooth Edwiser RemUI experience, but also choosing between 6 Moodle Course formats.

With these Course formats now in picture, you get to understand your course needs, and then choose a course format effectively. By selecting the most appropriate course format for the intended purpose, it offers a much better UI experience even for your users.

So..What’s new this time around? Course Formats!

Before questions start popping up, let’s tell you a bit about how easy the process is. All you have to do, is download the Plugin files from the Moodle Directory, and install the plugins. What it means is, you’ll get to try out 6 different course formats, with Edwiser RemUI as your theme.

These course formats tested positive, with Edwiser RemUI as the theme. Let’s now take you through what these course formats offer. We made them compatible, to have a silk smooth performance with Edwiser RemUI.

Grid Format

Grid Format is a modular and visual course format. This course format hides all topics and creates a grid of icons (one for each topic) with short titles. When you click on any icon, it brings up the content from the corresponding topic.

Grid 1
Grid Format
Grid 2
Grid Format

This course format offers a very clean yet classy look and feel to your Moodle! One of the best, indeed.


One Topic Format

OneTopic Format provides a tabbed format (similar to the Animated Slide and Tabbed formats we’ve seen previously). You can assign custom names to each tab (this helps increase navigability of your course) and it’s automatically formatted by the number of course topics you have. This format is based on the Moodle standard format: “Topics”.

OneTopic Format

Having been derived largely from the already existing standard format “Topics”, this format is certainly an improvisation to the former.



In some situations, it is desired to have a course format that involves accessing sections one by one. Buttons is a course format that creates a menu with buttons, to ensure the same.

Buttons Format
Buttons Format

Buttons offers you the scope of browsing through various topics of a course. This has been made easier, with the display of collapsed topic contents, when the corresponding button is clicked.


Flexible Sections Format

Using Flexible Sections Format, you can organize course content in any number of sections. These course sections can be further nested. Furthermore, you can expand/collapse each section.

Flexible 1
Flexible Course Format
Flexible 2
Flexible Course Format

This format gives you the scope of nesting sections. It’s a go-to course format if you’re looking for courses that have a lot of sub-sections.


Board (Grids & Blocks)

Board (Grids and Blocks) is a course format in a grid for 2.8 and Plus versions of Moodle with full flexibility between sections and columns. You can choose the number of columns and adjust the desired width for the same, you can also choose the number of sections in each column.

Board 1
Board Course Format
Board 2
Board Course Format

If you’re someone who wants complete control and would want customized section sizes and placements, this is the format to go for!


Tabs Course Format

The Tabs Course Format displays sections as numbered tabs. The number of tabs is unlimited. Moreover, you can even customize color settings (text, hover, background, etc).

Tabs 1
Tabs Course Format
Tabs 2
Tabs Course Format

This Course Format is a serious contender to steal the show. Whilst offering the facility to view the contents of different sections, the sleek interface is so pleasing to the eyes!

What’s Next?

With the introduction of course formats, we’re also coming up with a one-stop for all your course formats. This plugin will include the Edwiser RemUI Course format. More importantly, you’d be able to use all other course formats via this plugin.

For proper interface and functioning of this plugin with Edwiser RemUI theme, we’ve removed the Edwiser RemUI course format from the versions 3.4.3 & 3.5.1. But, worry not! We’ll be coming up with the Brand New Course Format plugin in 2 weeks time. This upcoming plugin will have Edwiser’s own RemUI Course Format, as well as the 6 course formats. It doesn’t end here! Edwiser will be coming up with many new course format layouts, which you’d be able to use via this plugin.

And guess what!! Edwiser RemUI Users get this Brand New Course Format plugin for FREE!

We love giving you surprises. Sure enough, that’s not going to change ever. While we’re at it, keep Moodling, with Edwiser RemUI. 🙂