Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin – A Walk Down Memory Lane

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It was the Summer of 2015 when Edwiser introduced itself to the world of Moodle™. Hardly a year after that, we took a call. One, that would go on to bring about a massive shift in the Moodle Ecosystem. This was achieved through our flagship offering: Edwiser RemUI.

As Edwiser RemUI became a popular name amongst Moodlersit wasn’t just a customer list growing on paper, it was a Family. A Community we began, together, interweaved with a User-Centric Culture.

We focused on implementing every requirement which would boost the Moodle experience. And one such requirement was the introduction of modern, clean course formats.

But, before we decided to come up with our own Course Format, we observed a few common trending requirements, from the feedback we received. We took these into consideration and worked on them.

It has been all about innovating and upgrading, ever since. 🙂

Prioritizing User Convenience

First and Foremost, we focused on prioritizing User Convenience.

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Most learners wanted to have an overview of the Course on the Course page.  However, most Moodle Course Formats lacked this functionality.

Another issue learners faced was the Scroll of Death. Scroll of Death basically refers to endless scrolling through the course contents page. By introducing Collapsible Topics in our Course Format, Scroll of Death was nullified.

By adding a progress bar below the topic image, learners could keep track of their progress, and allocate time accordingly.  

Giving Moodle™ Owners Absolute Control with Flexible Course Format

We did some research about courses hosted on websites like Coursera, and Udemy.

We noticed the Course Background images, the text formatting, and other such elements. Including a background image made the courses look lively. And with an introduction section, it became easy for course creators to give brief course introductions.

So we thought why not let our patrons customize their course appearance as well. Understanding how important flexibility was to course creators, we made our Course format flexible. This flexibility would eventually go hand-in-hand with Course Aesthetics.

With Edwiser RemUI, we worked on the overall aesthetics of the system. Also, we made the interface and look more appealing to the learners.

Tying it all Together with Aesthetics

Course Creators could now upload a cover image for their courses. Not just that, we also brought in an Introduction Section. This section could be used for conveying basic information, course overview and for other such purposes. We also introduced a much better look of “Activities” by coming up with Icons.

With a craving to outperform our own selves, we surely weren’t done yet. 😉

We decided to introduce versatility for course creators. We wanted to bring in more course formats. Furthermore, we wanted to make them accessible via just one plugin.

Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin

So, that fine morning, it wasn’t just coffee being brewed.  It was one of those Idea-brewing mornings as well. Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin was conceived as a result of some in-depth brain-storming.

Beach party

In the process, we did completely forget about the coffee. 😛

But this neglecting-the-coffee disaster-of-sorts was soon compensated for, as we molded these ideas into reality.

All in all, Edwiser RemUI Course Formats Plugin fit perfectly into the jigsaw.

Wrapping Up

And as planned initially, It certainly turns out to be the one-stop solution for introducing flexibility in trying out Course Formats on Moodle. All this, via just one plugin, that goes by the name: Edwiser RemUI Course Formats. We hope you liked it. 🙂

Until next time, we wish you the best, with Edwiser RemUI!

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