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Looking for a kick-ass theme for Moodle? Edwiser RemUI is not just a theme, it is an experience




Edwiser Bridge- an all-in-one e-commerce, marketing, social networking platform for Moodle

If you’re from the Corporate World...

Are you getting overwhelmed by the tedious process of setting up a training platform for your company?

Worried about the huge number of learners you’d have to manage?

We’re here to help smoothen the entire process for you!

Set up your LMS in 5 easy steps!

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About Edwiser

With its roots originating from WisdmLabs, Edwiser has successfully established
itself as one of the leading powerhouses in the e-Learning industry.

A company that started off to offer an e-commerce solution for Moodle,
in the form of Edwiser Bridge,
Edwiser has since then built exclusive products that have
changed the face of the entire Moodle Ecosystem.

Edwiser runs on a belief that’s held together with Upgrade and Experimentation.

What makes Edwiser stand out?

With a backbone of innovation and a streamlined development process,
our team goes beyond the same old development and marketing.

We’re artists, committed to taking your Moodle game to the next level, all the time.

Want to give your Moodle a touch of elegance?
Reach out to us at [email protected]

Here’s how Edwiser products are helping training institutions like yours

Unparalleled LMS expertise is one-click away!

We understand that a well implemented LMS is a cost-effective and efficient solution for online training needs. However, even the leading off-the-shelf system might not suit your business requirements.

Talk to our e-learning experts to maximize your LMS’ potential.